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Returns Management
TWS is one of a select few logistics partners that operates its own dedicated returns center - providing this necessary service to both manufacturers and retailers alike. TWS can orchestrate a returned goods management program for your products whether they are being returned by retail partners, business customers, or directly from consumers.

  • Retailers - an end to congested back rooms and receiving areas. Use TWS as your one designated ship-to point for all your stores to send their returns.
  • Manufacturers - fewer return shipments and returns that are pre-counted and pre-segregated by product upon arrival at your warehouse.
TWS will not only handle the physical return of the goods, but we will also process the return authorizations and manage the credit/debit process for you. The advantages to outsourcing and consolidation of your returns are numerous:

  • Improve cash flow as a result of having dedicated personnel to constantly process returns.
  • Use TWS's warehouse instead of leasing space.
  • Increase responsiveness to customers and free internal resources.
Let TWS develop a complete returned goods management system for you that includes:

  • Receipt of your product directly from your customers.
  • Matching your customers' returns against your return authorization.
  • Direct, immediate notification of your customers. returns.
  • Returns segregated by your product number and returned to you the most economical and efficient means available.
  • Communication with you every step of the way.
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