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TWS has the right mix to be your successful supply chain management partner. For over 25 years, TWS has provided the expert systems, strategic locations, and logistics experience for a host of national and regional manufacturers.

Our expertise in handling a wide range of materials enables us to provide effective solutions to save you time and money. Our team of professionals is flexible to work with your company to take your products to market.

Our range of experience in warehousing and logistics is substantial and we can bring the right combination of skills, experience, and industry contacts together for your business advantage. Choose from the extensive list of services, or contact us, for more information.
  • Warehouse and Logistics
  • Value Added Services
  • Diverse Product Handling Experts
  • Modern Facilities & Equipment
  • Transportation Services
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Business Need
National manufacturer needs an increase in warehouse space requirements to handle periodic inventory demands.

TWS Solution
TWS is able to offer a cost-effective solution for this customer to receive, warehouse and ship orders. This option allows incremental demands for warehouse space, eliminating need for manufacturer to purchase additional buildings:
  • Warehouses located Mentor, Ohio, just 20 miles East of downtown Cleveland. Shipping and receiving via pallet or individual cases.
  • Clean, safe, and secure warehouse space.
  • EDI set-up and order taking capabilities.
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