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Internet Services
Companies today realize the important role the Internet can play in building new channels of business and TWS knows that capturing orders via the web is now an integral part of the supply chain.

Whether you need to completely build your online presence or add eCommerce capability to your existing site, TWS can provide complete Internet Services so you can offer your customers - whether they are consumers or business - 24/7 ordering options. And, TWS has the range of experience to be your fulfillment partner of choice - as we have worked with companies ranging from Internet start ups to national retailers.

By incorporating TWS's Internet Services with our Fulfillment Services, we can provide you with a completely integrated, seamless solution from order-taking to order-shipment. We maintain the systems, services, and inventory, allowing you to focus on developing, marketing, and selling your products.
  • We can design, develop, maintain, and host either a stand-alone site or as a tie-in to your existing web presence.
  • A commerce-enabled site allows your customers to order products from you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • You can develop your site as an "Intranet" to allow your sales force to place orders online for increased efficiency.
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Business Need
A vendor with traditional business-to-business model needs to add online ordering capability to enable consumers to purchase product directly. Vendor needs a partner to manage the commerce component of its web site, while maintaining in-house control of its current web presence.

TWS Solution
  • TWS -- already warehousing and shipping this vendor's product -- can develop, host, and maintain the eCommerce transactional component, giving vendor's customers 24/7 order capability.
  • TWS builds and manages back-end infrastructure that plugs in to Vendor's existing site, maintaining "look and feel" to create seamless integration.
  • Vendor can utilize TWS's direct to consumer fulfillment and logistics services
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